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     Life is a gift and an adventure

       Try not to look for bigger and

       better and more........


      Most of the time the smallest

      moments are the greatest.


      Enjoy your moments.....




An ending of something and a beginning of something else.

Well, that´s how life goes....

Since september 2017 we´re living in Andalucia.

Spain is fantastic, nice climate and people. It still feels very new and also a little bit difficult with the language but we´re slowly getting there. It´s an exciting adventure and we have a lot to explore.

2020, a new year and new possibilities that I´m really looking forward to embrace.

I miss my yogis and I hope we will meet again somewhere..............

I´m also happy for and looking forward to all new contacts and people I have met and which I´m going to meet when I´m slowly starting my classes. 

I hope yoga will unite us




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